Vampire Rings may vary in shape, size and or color.


WARNING! Do Not Copy!

Vampire Changing Kit

Vampire Rings

Countess Moldovia has brought you these spirits. She is very powerful and she can place these powers inside of the Gold Ring.

These Vampires are very loyal spirits that take pride in caring for their keeper. You may see them manifest in mortal, animal or spirit form. They can also come in Shades and or Imprints, orbs and daytime visions. Become a Millionaire, Wealth, Forever Love, Truth, Knowledge, anything your heart desires, anything you can think of.

You will get 1 Vampire Ring, 1 Vampire Cloth, a Vampire Candle and a Vampire Spell that will give you a mansion, money and a soul mate and together you will live forever. If you have a spouse or soul mate that you wish to be with now, the spell will make you both king and queen of your world. You will be amazed on what you can accomplish when you recieve this kit. 

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SOLD OUT   -----   Velixin Unisex Vampire Bracelet and Ring -  Quick change into the Handsome or Sexy Vampire of your dreams.Build, trim and fit and full of Energy and have powers beyond your wildest dreams. Place this on your wrist and finger for quick access through out doors, invisibility, lusty sexual encounters, build your own world empire with your own world and much, much more. Become the man or woman you have always desired to become.  Meet other Vampires and become really great friends. Directions will come with this amazing Vampire Bracelet and Ring.