Spells Done 4 U


Need a spell cast? Then look no further. The Great Druid Wolliuka will cast a spell for you. You will get the candle and Pinnacle Needle Rock that was used in the ritual absolutely free. The Great Druid Wolliuka in Ethiopia will perform the ritual that you choose.


Spells Done 4 U

Sorcerers Spell: Spells Done 4 U

$130.00 - Sorcerers Spells Done 4 U:  Attention: This is a Special Spells Done 4 U: This is if you absolutely DO NOT want anything sent to you and you want the sorcerer to absolutely DO WHAT you want done for you this is the spell you need to choose. Please Note: Nothing will be sent to you and the spell will be done by the sorcerer to have your desires done. Please send us the information to this email : themagicvine@yahoo.com tell us exactly what you want done. Your spell will take at least 3 to 5 days to complete.

Spell #1
$65.00, PASSION EXTREME LOVE SPELL : Do you want everlasting Passionate love? Extreme Love will be yours and it will be endless. Other ladies and gentleman will wonder what makes you so special to have this kind of Love. This wards off cheating as well, because you will be the Extreme ultimate love of his/her life.



Spell #2

$65.00, TRICKY MAKE THEM LOVE YOU SPELL- This will work for you if you love someone and they dont love you. You can make them fall in love with you very fast with this tricky spell. You can have them to yourself and this will banish cheating from them. They wont want anyone in their life except you.



Spell #3

$65.00, LOVE SPELL : This will make the one you want to be with want you more than anything. This is to make them fall in love with you, if you have had no relationship at all before. Take their heart and make it hurt for your love. This will rule out all cheating as well.



Spell #4

$65.00, MONEY SPELL : This will unblock all negative forces to bring you money that you deserve. Watch out you will get money left and right. Find large amounts of money, get checks, get an unexpected raise, if you want money then this is for you.



Spell #5

$65.00, EXTREME WEALTH SPELL : Want to be wealthy. Not just cash here and there? Want to live it up like the high life people? Want to be extremly known as the rich person down the street? Want to be able to pick up and move without a single care in the world?



Spell #6

$65.00, BANISH DEPRESSION: Are you living with these? No Sleeping, Lack of Concentration, Suicide Thoughts, Hopelessness, Hollow, Low self-esteem, Loneliness? These are only a few phrases, there are many more. Get rid of depression and start being yourself again. You have to take the first step if you want to help yourself, and it starts with this ritual.



Spell # 7

$65.00, GOOD LUCK SPELL : This will give you all kinds of luck. If you gamble in anyway, like to win at sports, anything to do with luck this will help you.



Spell #8

$65.00, STEAL A HEART SPELL: Do you like someone and can't have them? Do they belong to someone else? Let Wolliuka cast a spell for you and make his/her go absolutely crazy over you. You wont believe it.



Spell #9

$65.00, BRING YOUR LOVE BACK TO YOU SPELL: Bring the one you love back to you. Have he/she found someone else they want to be with? Let Wolliuka get them back for you!



Spell #10

$65.00, CAREER SPELL : This will give you the opportunity to create new ideas to your business. Become better in everything you do. Want your own business to skyrocket. Want to become close to your boss? Want your boss to kiss your azz, but have respect for you?



Spell #11

$65.00, OVERPOWERING SEX SPELL : Become the ultimate sex machine of his/her life. Let Wolliuka cast a sex spell for you that will drive men/women crazy over you. They will want to be with you sexually and you will decide to have a relationship with them if you want. You have all the say so. After all this is an overpowering sex spell.



Spell #12

$65.00, GIVE AN EVIL HEX SPELL : Make someones life a living nightmare. Get sweet revenge and let Wolliuka do the dirty work for you. Make the him/her fear you without knowing why. Things to send in, his/her first, middle & last name. His/her birth date.



Spell #13

$65.00, SPELL BREAKER : Need a spell to be broken from your soul? This will make your life free from their evil spell(s). If anyone tries to place a spell or hex upon you this will banish it at once before it even reaches their vocal cords.



Spell #14

$65.00, X-OUT HEX OR CURSE FORCE SPELL: Get rid of a Hex or Curse that is upon you. This will make you feel much better and luck will start coming your way, right away. Everything right will come to your life and then your life and everyone else around you will have wonderful days and happy memories of you.



Spell #15

$65.00, UNBLOCK NEGATIVE FORCES SPELL : Are you tired of being told no? Unblock the ugly negative force from your soul. Have confidence and think no more about it. Get a yes anywhere anytime with this spell.



Spell #16

$65.00, X OUT ANY DANGER SPELL : Are you afraid something bad is going to happen to you? Keep your self free from danger. This also keeps the ones that are with you safe as well. Be safe in your car, airplane, boat trips, train rides anything that can cause death, stay safe with this ritual.



Spell #17

$65.00, CONTROL OTHERS SPELL : Is there someone you want to control? Make him/her do as you command right off. Control their every move. They will never know Wolliuka has put them under a spell.



Spell #18

$65.00, BREAK A BAD HABIT SPELL : Do you or someone you know have a bad habit? It can be from using drugs, alcohol, beatings, verbal abuse, anything horrible that does not need to go on. Bring it to a stop.



Spell #19

$65.00, WEIGHT LOSS SPELL : Are the clothes you want to wear too small? Hurry, and let Wolliuka melt your extra pounds off with a yip and yell.



Spell #20

$65.00, GAIN WEIGHT SPELL : Do you need to gain some weight? You wont become fat or keep gaining weight. You tell Wolliuka what size you would like to become, and so be it.



Spell #21

$65.00, LEAVE MY WORLD : Are you annoyed by someone? Do you not want any more contact with them at all? Get them out of your life, fast. This can be anyone.



Spell #22

$65.00, BANISH EVIL THOUGHTS SPELL : Do you have evil thoughts, demons bothering you, Satan calling you to do something, horror images that you will regret later? Let Wolliuka scare them away from your soul.



Spell #23

$65.00, STOP A CHEATING LOVE : Make him/her stop cheating on you. Take full control of this situation before something gravely happens. Keep a clean relationship without disease entering both of your life's.



Spell #24

$65.00, GET RID OF ___?___ SPELL : Don't like someone being around you? Banish them from your life! Evil doers, co-workers, ex-spouse, cousin, aunt, uncle, ex-boy or girl friend, etc..... They will leave your life all together. Let Wolliuka get rid of them for you.



Spell #25

$65.00, BRING ___?___ BACK SPELL: Do you want someone back in your life? This can be anyone you have spent time with or tried to have a life with. Gets rid of bad influences and other men or women in their life.



Spell #26

$65.00, REUNITE COUPLE SPELL :Do you want someone together? They can be divorced or separated or just boy/girlfriend. You, yes you, can reunite them with the help of Wolliuka.



Spell #27

$65.00, HAPPY FAMILY GRIN, SMILE & LOVE AGAIN SPELL: Is something causing you and your family to be distant? This can be due to anything. Be happy with each other again and make the awful time that are in the past and can come in the future go away. You dont have to live with each other to have this spell work, you can be in different locations. It is your family that needs to be happy, so why wait?



Spell #28

$65.00, BOSS FEAR SPELL : Make that boss of yours fear you royally. Make him/her give you a raise. Make him/her respect you. Keep your job and you wont have to worry about loosing it at all.



Spell #29

$65.00, MAGIC POWER SPELL : Want to be able to have magic powers? This will not give you genie powers. This gives you the power to control others with a look in the eye. Cast spells, become your own witch. Read other peoples minds, know what they are thinking. Mysterious good things will happen.



Spell #30

$65.00, THE DECOY SPELL : Is that person you are attracted to avoiding you? Will he/she pay you no attention? Let The Great Druid Wolliuka cast this spell for you and make them turn their head toward you with this genuine spell.



Spell #31

$65.00, HOME HEX REMOVER SPELL : Do you have some kind of force in your home? Do you want your home free from the Hex that someone has put on it? Any kind of Hex that you don't want lurking around your home, then this is for you.



Spell #32

$65.00, COURAGE SPELL : Are you just one of the people who don't have enough courage to do something you really want to get done. This could be numerous things like, ask someone out, do stunts with your friends etc... Anything that takes courage.



Spell #33

$65.00, BANISH INTERFERERS SPELL : Do you have trouble with family members or friends that don't want to leave your life alone? This can be your family or your spouse, boy-girl freinds, family, best friends of others, your best friend ect.... Put a major cold stop to it.



Spell #34

$65.00, STOP DIVORCE SPELL : Has someone interfered with your marriage? He/she has it in mind that divorce is the only way out? Could be caused by him/her cheating to interfering relatives, friends, or he/she just want out of the relationship. Well, you can stop it from happening.



Spell #35

$65.00, CAUSE DIVORCE SPELL: Do you feel like someone should not be married? Do you love that person that is married to someone else? Do you want them for yourself? Do you want them for someone else? This is the spell for you.



Spell #36

$65.00, FREEDOM SPELL : Do you have someone that you love, but they want let you do anything like, go out with friends, or be yourself? They will have complete respect for your needs. Do you want to be your own person without his/her making decisions for you?



Spell #37

$65.00, THE GAMBLER SPELL : Okay, if you want to win big, then this is a must for you. This spell has won people over millions of dollars all over the world. This is for a person who gambles. You can be at any casino or personal gambling parties. Win anywhere in the world with this spell.



Spell #38

$65.00, BANISH EVIL SPELL : Do you want to get rid of Demons, Satan, Evil Eyes, Vampires, Ghost, Horror Images, Psychic's Evil Psychic Powers that will not leave you alone? Let The Great Druid Wolliuka bring in your Guardian Angels and help you in this task.



Spell #39

$65.00, THE COMMITMENT SPELL : Do you want a commitment from someone? Let the faithfullness begin. Make sure you love this person. This wards off all cheating and the wandering eye the marriage will last forever. You will be the center of their life.



Spell #40

$65.00, ATTRACT THE OPPOSITE SEX SPELL : Do you have any trouble getting attention from males or females? Want to be the ultimate center of attraction? Opposite sex will wish that they had you.



Spell #41

$65.00, ATTRACT THE SAME SEX SPELL : Are you gay and want a relationship with someone who is gay or straight? You have come to the right place.



Spell #42

$65.00, GET PREGNANT SPELL: Do you want a baby? Pick out the sex of it as well. Please, make sure you want to become pregnant. At any age this will happen for you.



Spell #43

$65.00, MIND READER SPELL : Do you want to know what is going on in some ones mind? Do you ever think "I wonder what they are thinking of?" This ritual is highly demanded for.



Spell #44

$65.00, A COMPANY COMPUTER : Is your name in a computer that a company owns? This could mean that you owe them money or taxes, Army or __?__ drafts, court? Are you trying to get disability, something in your favor, etc... Whatever your name is on and you want it gone, or your trying to get something you want from a company here is the chance. This is your business, what you want done Wolliuka will do it for you.



Spell #45

$65.00, KEEP THE COPS AWAY SPELL : This is your personal business to keep the cops away from you. This will ward off all of their suspicions that you may carry. The cops don't know about the power of The Great Druid Wolliuka and what he can do for you. We ask no questions.



Spell #46

$65.00, PET HEALTH SPELL : Do you have a pet that you love so much? Is he/she your life and you don't want to loose your little world? Let The Great Druid Wolliuka place an animal good health spell on your loved pet.



Spell #47

$65.00, READ YOUR PETS MIND SPELL : Would you like to know what your pet really thinks? Your pet may reveal something to you that you need to know.



Spell #48

$65.00, UN-ATTRACT THE OPPOSITES SEX SPELL: Do you have someone you don't want other men or women looking at? They will still have the good looks. This is a spell that will put a circle around them and make people not want to interact with them. They will only want to be with you,He/She will only be happy with YOU! No other man or woman will ever cross their mind. They will only think of you. This will banish all cheating as well.



Spell #49

$65.00, WHIPLASH SPELL: Is there something that you want from someone? Is it something you must have and they don't want to sell it or get rid of it? Don't try to steal it away, make them just give it to you. With this spell it is as good as yours.



Spell #50

$65.00, DISSOLVE LOVE SPELL: Do you still love someone and can't seem to let them go? If you want the hurt to go away and become strong for yourself, this is what you will need to get over him/her.



Spell #51

$65.00, THE GOBLIN SPELL: Do you hate someone? Can't stand them at all? They wont know what is going on. Mysterious ugly things will start to happen to them, sit back and watch it begin. They will never know what has happened. Warning: Please make sure this is what you want for them because it really does work.

Spells Done 4 U


Spell #52

$65.00, FOX FIRE SPELL: Male or female, if you are after handsomeness or beauty, then look no further. People will become jealous over you. Its just a spell cast away.



Spell #53

$65.00, BRAINWASHING SPELL: Did you cheat on him/her? Did you do or say something? Do you want them to forget about the past, or anything that has an impact on your relationship/friendship? This can be any kind of relationship. Get the results to see changes in your future.



Spell #54

$65.00, THE GUARDIAN ANGEL SPELL: Do you want your special Guardian Angel with you all the time? If you said "yes" then you will not be sorry. Your Guardian Angel has been waiting for you to find a way to contact him/her. Your Guardian Angel will never leave you unless you tell it to.



Spell #55

$65.00, INTENSE ORGASM SEX DRIVE SPELL: Don't be shy, read on... For Male's or Female's. Have mercy on their soul! This spell will make you have the most intense sex orgasm. Have you ever had this to happen to you before? Yes, or No, you will feel it again or feel it for the first time. You wont want it to stop. Your partner wont know what hit them. This spell will make you want sex and make the orgasm's so intense that you will feel like you never felt before.



Spell #56

$65.00, HUMAN HEALTH ISSUES SPELL: What ails you? Let Wolliuka help you out with his powerful spell. Health is very important to most of us.



Spell #57

$65.00, SATAN SHIELD SPELL: Do you feel like Satan 'The Devil' is interfering in your life? Let The Great Druid Woilliuka get rid of him forever.



Spell #58

$65.00, THE GAY CHANGE SPELL: Are you gay and want to become straight? Tired of being with the same sex? Get what you want with this spell.



Spell #59

$65.00, YOUR COURT TRIAL SPELL: Do you have a court case coming up? Do you want to get out of it? Innocent or guilty, does not matter.



Spell #60

$65.00, ULTIMATE COURT CASE SPELL: Do you need a trial to come to and end? This will end it and will turn out in your favor. Get what you want.



Spell #61

$65.00, SHOT DOWN IN FLAMES SPELL: Has someone hurt you? Do you want them to experience the same feelings you have? This spell will intensify the hurt for them. They will understand what you went through.



Spell #62

$65.00, LUSCIOUS LUST SPELL: Want him/her to lust after you? They can't resist the temptation that awaits for them inside of you. They will fall over themselves and they want know what has overcome there pride.



Spell #63

$65.00, UNZIP A LIP SPELL: Someone not saying something that needs to be revealed? Make them talk. This spell will make them spill every last detail they know. Then you and others will know the facts.



Spell #64

$65.00, THE ABUSER SPELL: Is someone hurting you?This could be due to..... Arguing, jealousy, cheating, threatening you, battered or verbal abuse? This in not a way of life!! Make them stop or putting you down. This is not a hex or curse, but a spell to make them quit and realize (this is not right).



Spell #65

$65.00, THE SLEEP TIME TRAVELER SPELL: Have you wondered what you were in your past life? What about the Future? Explore in your dreams and find out. You will sleep soundly and your mind will reveal what your awake brain can't dig up. This is an amazing Wonder Spell that has people in awwww.




$65.00, SEX ONLY SPELL: Want to have sex with many partners without having any other strings attached? Do you like the thought of having pleasure with multiples? Please, use protection every time. This is only for sex, not love!



Spell #67

$65.00, BANISH PROTECTIVE SEAL SPELL: Do you think you have a protective seal bound to your soul? This can keep magic working for you. Let Wolliuka get rid of it for you so you can enjoy the pure magic affects that awaits you.



Spell #68

$65.00, GET A PROTECTIVE SEAL SPELL: Get a protective seal so no one can place a magic Curse, Hex or Spell on you or the ones you love.



Spell #69

$65.00, LONELINESS SPELL : Are you alone and don't have anyone who cares? Let Wolliuka bring you joy and much happiness into your life with friends and people to do things with.



Spell #70

$65.00, THE WORKING MIND SPELL : Are you not good with math or spelling or reading etc....? Do you get stuck with people and don't know how to start up a real good conversation? This will help you out permanently.




$125.00, THE OUIJA SPELL : This comes with an Ouija Board. Would you like for it to work for you? Would you like to talk to the other side? If you need only an Ouija Board then go to the Ouija Board section on the website.



Spell #72

$65.00, THE DIAMOND SPELL : Are you a person who wants to become strong and independent so you want have to worry about someone else taking care of you?



Spell #73

$65.00, BANISH SUICIDE TENDENCIES SPELL: No one or nothing is worth your precious life! Your life is worth living to the fullest. Do you have a hesitation about suicide? Get rid of the terrible thoughts that you may have. Be happy again. This will banish all horrible thoughts that go on in your mind. Once anyone commits suicide, they can't come back. Let Wolliuka help you. Your privacy is respected!



Spell #74

$65.00, FIDDLE AWAY SPELL BREAKER - This is for another person other than yourself? If you are looking to remove a spell from yourself, please scroll up and find the SPELL BREAKER for yourself. Do you need to break a spell off of someone's soul. This will remove the spell that was placed upon them by a spell worker.



Spell #75

$65.00, SOUND A SLEEP SPELL- Would you like to sleep soundly all night long without any interruptions? This will allow you to fall a sleep without any one around or any ongoing noises that may be needed to make you go to sleep. It is better than any sleeping pills out there.



Spell #76

$65.00, CHANGE HIS/HER MIND SPELL- Do you want to change someone's mind. Make them think in your direction. Make them agree with you. This can range to anyway of thinking.



Spell #77

$65.00, THE YOUTH SPELL- Have amazing energy and strength. Feel like you were in your teens again. Feel young and look young again.



Spell #78

$65.00, THE LEADER SPELL- Would you like to become a leader in some way? A leader of a community or business, etc... Make people follow your ideas and listen to you? Be a respected person.



Spell #79

$65.00, TEST PASSER SPELL- Do you need to pass a test of some kind? Driving test, school test, work test..etc... Any kind of test? This will work for you 4 times.



Spell #80

$65.00, PLAY BY EAR SPELL- Play an instrument without reference or memorization of written music. Play anything with just listening to the music.



Spell #81

$65.00, FINANCIAL BUSINESS FALL REPAIR SPELL - Is you business falling downward fast? Need a boost in getting it back on track? Wolliuka will cast a spell on your business name and have it back on track in no time at all.



Spell #82

$65.00, THE GIMCRACK SPELL - Does someone else have your ex-partener? Do you want your ex back? Place this spell on the taker and he/she will have a mark placed upon them that they are of little use, no good, a looser. They will not be able to get a date. Your ex will come back running to you and begging for forgiveness. This will also rule out cheating as well from your lover.



Spell #83

$65.00, BOO-BOO BANISH SPELL- Are you are prone to accidents? Would you like to never get hurt again? This Boo-Boo Banish Spell is the answer for you. Stay safe and hurt free.



Spell #84

$65.00, WHO'S INTERFERING SPELL- Are you irritated by someone who interferes with your life? Put a stop to the ones who are making your life a living hell, or the ones who have made your life a living hell. Get your everything back.



Spell #85

$65.00, TEMPTATION CHEAT SPELL- Do you want to be with someone in a sexual way? This will work even if they dont want to be with you. This will work even if they are madly in love with someone else. This will work even if they are married or just a boy/girlfriend. If you want them to love you they will. If you dont want anything to do with them except have sex only, that is what will happen, sex only.



Spell #86

$65.00, Get Him/Her Out Of Jail or Prison Spell: Is someone in jail or Prison and you need or want to get them out? Do they ask to get out with your help? Let Wolliuka cast a spell to get them out of Jail or Prison away from Strict Authority. What they did to get in jail will dissapear and go away. It does not matter of the crime, guilty or not this will work.