Hand Carved Magic Talisman

Real Magic Talisman Artifacts 10000 BC

Directions will come with it. It also comes with it's own bag.

Hand Carved  Talisman

These hand carved Talisman have been around for thousands of years. Each one will vary in size. There are over hundreds of them, but when they are gone they are gone for good. They are going fast. Each are different and none of them are the same not in any way. 

They will ward off evil, bring good luck and protect you against anything bad that may happen to you. Carry it in the car with you or place it in your wallet or purse. You cant go wrong with one. It is highly recommended that everyone have one, but that is at your option to make.


 These are not made of metal , silver or gold. They are real animal (unknown) bone hand carved Talisman. They had hundreds of people in their tribe and each person carried one. They were found and now they are avaliable to you.

All of them are an amazing work of art. Some museums wanted to buy them, we thought "why let them sit in a museum when they can help people all around the world"? 

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